Company Name:

Hueman Executive Search


Jacksonville, Florida

Approximate Salary:

Commensurate with Experience

Job Category:

Behavioral Medicine

Work Setting:


Position Type:

Full Time

Required Experience:

2 - 5 years

Required Education:


Date Posted:

July 9, 2019

Manager of Pain Rehabilitation/Psychologist


The Manager of Pain Rehabilitation plans, organizes and directs the responsible department. Is accountable for all aspects of program development, budgetary control, staffing administration and professional practice for areas of responsibility. Is a Licensed professional with at least 3 years of clinical rehabilitation experience. Has Entry-level Management knowledge, appropriate interpersonal and supervisory skills. Possesses Clinical skills consistent with professional licensure.

Major Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities: Leads; Evaluates and Treats; Pursues Clinical Certification and Excellence; Develops Clinical Programs; Administers; Operates within Budget; Builds Professional Relationships; Supervises; & Delegates

• Performs duties of staff psychologist/therapist.

• Understands and supports the financial goals of the organization.

• Develops and manages budgets, targets for areas of responsibilities.

• Educates staff to ensure understanding of financial & clinical goals through regular staff meetings (weekly and monthly).

• Records and maintains records of meetings; identifies and states the purpose of the meeting in the form to educate staff.

• Educates staff to ensure understanding of performance expectations.

• Develops and implements annual Clinical Program which promotes the productivity & clinical goals of the clinic

• Develops and implements appropriate departmental/program standards for client service based on need, capabilities, and organizational mission.

• Supports and participates in management efforts in organizational strategic planning, program development, and community outreach.

• Demonstrates and understands the reimbursement and requirements of Federal Insured Programs, Managed Care, and Workmen’s Compensation.

• Supervises and manages clinical and clerical staff.

• Teaches administrative and clinical staff the regulations, restrictions, and documentation requirements of all payers and federal funded programs.

• Performs employee evaluations for supervised staff per corporate standards.

• Conforms to all personnel policy and procedures.

• Supports and assists other managers.

• Ensures confidentiality with all staff documents and records.

• Fosters opportunity for optimum staff professional growth and clinical development.

• Hires, discharges and ensures training for staff

• Assists in marketing and community activities as coordinated by the marketing director/coordinator.

• Creates/develops concepts for developing work processes to improve quality/efficiency in the changing Healthcare Environment.

• Ensures Policy and Procedure Manuals are current, well maintained, reviewed and revised according to the administrative mandate.

• Ensures departmental/program quality control process is functional and reported adequately and timely

• Ensures program evaluation process is efficient and functioning adequately.

• Ensures scheduling process is efficient and timely.

• Compiles monthly statistical reports and forwards to the Director of Behavioral Medicine.

• Complies & implements format for documentation of services.

• Maintains liaison with all referral sources.

• Builds and develops professional relationships with Referring Physicians through the development of clinical expertise in the field of Rehabilitation Services.

• Maintains liaison with other customers as needed.

• Maintains appropriate staff coverage to provide continuity of care.

• Demonstrates current in-depth knowledge of rehabilitation to include state of the art techniques and clinical advancements.

• Demonstrates the ability to perform all facets of the job effectively and efficiently.

• Demonstrates leadership skills and attitudes, that enhance staff personal and professional development.

• Ensures adequate maintenance of departmental/program files to adhere to policy standards and changes.

• Completes other departmental/programs duties as required.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

• Participates in all conferences as required/indicated.

• Collaborates with the rehab team in developing interdisciplinary plans and goals.

• Coordinates activities with follow-up coordinator.

Program Development

• Acts as a resource to staff and clients and the community.

• Participates in inter-institutional education programs.

• Participates in and supports clinical studies in the hospital and centers, as assigned.

• Participates in committees and projects, as assigned.

• Maintains membership in a regional and/or national pain society.

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