Genest MacGillivray Psychologists
B3H 1K5, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 5739 Inglis Street

Company Overview

Genest MacGillivray Psychologists consists of highly experienced, compassionate psychologists who offer a broad range of evidence-based therapy specialties for adults, adolescents, couples, and families. We also provide assessments for vocational, forensic or diagnostic needs and for work-related issues or disability claims.

With male and female psychologists of differing ages, backgrounds and approaches, we are dedicated to matching individual client needs and wishes with the right therapist.  Our Practice offers a relaxed, very comfortable setting in a large and beautiful heritage house in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Incorporated as Genest Psychological Services in 1998, we acquired our new name, Genest MacGillivray Psychologists, in 2011 and have been providing clinical and consulting services since 1982. We are a comprehensive practice with a long record of expert consultation for businesses, governments, insurers and legal firms.

Our Psychologists are licensed at the Doctoral level.